About us

Chris started working in a fish & chip shop "The Great British Fry" in St Albans as a teenager (it's still a fish & chip shop). The fresh fish would arrive from Fleetwood and he was taught how to clean, skin & fillet the fish for both wet fish sales and for the chip shop. As the youngest part-timer he had all the best jobs, unloading the farm lorry delivering the potatoes, peeling them, taking out the eyes and cutting the chips for service and, of course, the endless cleaning.

The most important thing that Ralf (the owner) taught me is that no matter what job you're doing behind the scenes, everything comes down to the moment when the customer unwraps their fish & chips.

CC Fish & Chips (Chris & Clare) have been serving traditional fish & chips in the Languedoc region for six years. Based in Limoux our regular venues an area roughly from Castelnaudary to Olonzac east/west and Carcassonne to Puivert north/south, we venture further afield and please keep a look out for new venues as we add them.

Fish & Chips is becoming increasingly popular in the area but there are a few things you should know.

Our Cod & Haddock is whole filet pieces which is responsibly fished (Green List) from the north-east Arctic (Barents Sea) and Icelandic waters where the cod stock is healthy and is fished at a sustainable level.

All of our used oil is recycled into bio fuel. Food waste from peeling & chipping the potatoes and trimming the fish is composted. Occasionally we are left with surplus stock which we donate to the Red Cross food bank in Limoux

We import all of our stock directly and the whole filet cod or haddock is traceable to the individual catch and person that packet it.

We never use cheap coley or pollock or the pre-battered 'fish' brought from the cash & carry you may find served elsewhere.

The potatoes we use are also traceable to the farm (not the frozen section of a discount supermarket). Our fresh potato chips are peeled and chipped before each service. We use the best available potatoes for our chips and will source these locally whenever they are in season.

Our fryers are cleaned after every service and the oil filtered. The filtering system is two stage; the primary stage is where the oil passes through a Rayon filter (looks like a giant paper coffee filter) to remove visible pieces and then a secondary stage where it passes through an active carbon pad which filters out particles down to 0.5 micron, that's 1000 x thinner than human hair. The oil is changed regularly and used oil is recycled into biofuel.

We mix our own traditional beer batter to our unique recipe and cook in a light blend of vegetable oil which is low in saturated fats.

We are available for private functions, Birthdays, Weddings, Fetes & Charity fund raisers, contact us for further information.

Our new modern fish & chip van is completely self-contained which means we can get access to and work for extended periods at most venues.

We now have three new modular 25 litre professional fryers and warming units. This means that we can come into your premises and set up our professional kitchen.

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