Carcassonne, Puivert & Léran - Curfew 11pm


Thursday 10 June 18.00 - 21.00

Eat-in or Takeaway


Friday 11 June

two sittings 18.00 - 20.00 & 20.00+

Eat-in on the Terrace or Takeaway

LERAN Le rendez-vous


No More Orders Please

Saturday 12 June

Sitting 18.00 

Sitting 20.00+ Places Available

Please reserve asap as this is proving very popular

Eat-in on the Terrace

or Takeaway

06 72 52 78 39

[email protected]

Sorry No Scampi


Jeudi 10 Juin 18.00 - 21.00


Vendredi 11 Juin

deux seance 18.00 - 20.00 & 20.00+

Sur Place dans la Terrasse ou Emporter

LERAN le Rendez-vous

Samedi 12 Juin

seance 18.00 deja complet

seance 20.00+ places dispo

Sur Place dans la Terrasse ou Emporter

[email protected]

ou par telephone/SMS

06 72 52 78 39

En espérant de vous voir bientôt

Chris & Clare

Chris & Clare

All Reservations/commandes to

[email protected]

Phone/SMS 06 72 52 78 39

Merci de votre visite

Venez goûter Fish & Chips dans l'Aude. Pour tout nos emplacement pour assurer votre fish and chips merci de commander en avance au [email protected] ou par SMS/Telephone 06 72 52 78 39

Reservations: [email protected]

06 72 52 78 39

All venues eat-in or takeaway

Reservations Essential

[email protected] or 06 72 52 78 39

Please see link 'dates/venues find us' for more information

We advise customers always to book in advance as most of our venues are proving very popular and its increasingly difficult to 'fit people in'. We are very sorry if we have had to turn you away. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please drop us a line. We send out reminders of upcoming venues a week or so in advance

A few words about quality.

You can only find us at the venues we list here, we don't go anywhere else. We do not supply any bars, restaurants or cafes with any of our products.

Our Cod & Haddock is whole filet pieces which is responsibly fished (Green List) from the north-east Arctic (Barents Sea) and Icelandic waters where the cod stock is healthy and is fished at a sustainable level. All of our whole filet cod or haddock is traceable to the individual catch and person that packet it.

Our fresh potato chips are peeled and chipped before each service. We use the best available potatoes for our chips and will source these locally whenever they are in season.

Our fryers are cleaned after every service and the oil filtered. The filtering system is two stage; the primary stage is where the oil passes through a Rayon filter (looks like a giant paper coffee filter) to remove visible pieces and then a secondary stage where it passes through an active carbon pad which filters out particles down to 0.5 micron, that's 1000 x thinner than human hair. The oil is changed regularly and used oil is recycled into biofuel.

Because we cook outside in our fish & chip van, yet still serve you at your table, all you are left with is the memory of a great night out without taking home those lingering kitchen odours.

Carcassonne - La Metairie Thursday's fortnightly

Castelaudary - Cafe L'Industrie monthly on a Saturday all year

Leran - Le Rendez-vous first Saturday each month

Limoux - Maison Bor Wednesday's fortnightly all year + Night Market Aug

Olonzac - Cafe de la Poste monthly on a Saturday all year.

Puivert - Brasserie du Quercorb once a month + night market July & Aug

Quillan - PMU Bar La Promenade, Fridays's every two weeks all year.

CC Fish and Chips are happy to support fund raising for:

LFN / British Legion

Cancer Support France


À bientôt

Chris & Clare

SIRET 532 012 762 00029